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FinShiksha runs programs in self paced online format, with a clear focus on application of concepts with real life examples. In short, we start where textbooks leave us.

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At FinShiksha, we are not just trainers. We guide candidates through their careers, enabling them to make informed career choices

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The course is designed to help us understand the creditworthiness and how to assess the same. How industry-specific parameters affect ratings? A brilliant attempt to elucidate the nitty gritty of credit analysis.

Arvind Singh, IIM Rohtak 2016-18

Arvind Singh
They are among the best content on learning concepts of finance and economics out there. In terms of delivering a practitioner-centric learning experience, probably the only content out there developed in such a manner, so as to deliver from a viewpoint of day-to-day work in the finance industry.

Riddheish Seth, IIM Calcutta 2017-19

Riddheish Seth
Learning the process followed in valuation and the rationale for assumptions in a model. Cleared valuation related concepts.

Shubham Pai, NMIMS Mumbai 2017-19

Shubham Pai
FSA course helped how to evaluate a business on the basis of its financial statements. It has really helped in my personal academics

Mayank Hedaoo, IIM Amritsar 2018-20

Mayank Hedaoo
Thank you so much for all your timely help. Our project got successful reviews from the judges, and the metrics provided by you played a major part in that. Moreover, over the course of this project, we got to learn more and more about sector analysis strategies and stock picking strategies, which will surely help us in the future. Looking forward to more and more learning opportunities from FinShiksha!

Yash Goenka, SP Jain 2017-19

Yash Goenka
All nitty-gritty related modelling in excel and clarity regarding many core concepts of the valuation. Microeconomics courses only teach about the effects of macroeconomic factors on the country, while course helped to link this factors to the individual firms and how these factors will impact the business of the firm. It has increased my knowledge about valuation significantly and I expect this to help me in my future interviews.

Paras Patel, XIMB 2017-19

Paras Patel
Got a clear structure of concepts in Valuation and how to approach when you value a company. It is good course for building a structured thought process for evaluating a company.

Jalaj Thakur, JBIMS 2017-19

Jalaj Thakur
The course content directly takes real life examples of companies and real data to explain various concepts. The course provided a platform to submit a project on analysis of 'Reliance Industries Limited'. This project has been a brownie point for me in my summer interview as well as during PPI. The thing which I liked the most is that the content is kept to the point with relevant examples which makes learning simple and interesting.

Parag Kulkarni, SCMHRD 2017-19

Parag Kulkarni
The course explained with a lot of examples, the impact of changes in each variable for the company and the real world point of view other than what's given in textbooks. Application-based learning and video explanation make it easier to grasp.

Sahil Goyal, IIM Calcutta 2018-20

Sahil Goyal
I would like to mention that the “Equity Valuation” certification and your YouTube tutorials regarding interview questions helped me a lot during my actual interviews. I would like to appreciate the content provided by FinShiksha.

Jyotirmoy Saha, IMT Ghaziabad 2017-19

Jyotirmoy Saha
The course and the FinShiksha Learning Championship helped me get placement in the Investment Banking domain. Furthermore, the concepts and real life examples help even today in my job. The real life examples that are shared in the course and the constant help from FinShiksha to rectify doubts related to the course makes a huge difference as either of the above is often missed in other internet courses and college.

Ruchit Shah, NMIMS Bangalore 2015-17

Ruchit Shah
The explanations were very clear and the model building exercise helped in the application of the concepts. I was able to answer valuation related interview questions. Example: why some industries have higher P/E ratio compared to others, What is the use of PEG ratio etc. It is difficult to find a model building exercise for valuing an Indian firm which FinShiksha provides.

Aditya Sharma, XIMB 2016-18

Aditya Sharma
Videos of FinShiksha are sufficient to grasp all the concepts and their linkage to the practical works makes it even more interesting. FinShiksha helped in gathering info at one place.

Mansi Sharma, IIM Ranchi 2017-19

Mansi Sharma
The courses are well designed. The best part lies in the applicability of theories with practical examples and their implied linkages, that offers a broad understanding of the offered course and makes it stand out. Would definitely help in my finals.

Sourav Tulsiyan, XIMB 2017-19

Sourav Tulsiyan
Had enrolled for Equity Valuation course with FinShiksha. The course content takes real life examples of companies and real data to explain various concepts. The content and structure helped in HSBC IB Competition and helped my final interview with one of the major Investment Bank.

Kunal Kumta, NMIMS Mumbai, 2016-2018

Kunal Kumta
Doing this course helped me in the selection interview for the CFA Research Challenge college team. It was a pleasure to watch the videos and they were very interesting and engaging so there was no question of any distractions. The learning in college was much more theory oriented, for example I didn't get a rigorous experience in financial excel modelling in my college subjects. The course was much more practically oriented.

Ashutosh Dasare, XIMB 2016-2018

Ashutosh Dasare
I would really like to thank FinShiksha for helping me throughout the process. The Team’s guidance and Finshiksha's course material helped me to get this internship opportunity at PPFAS AMC.

Harshit Bohra, KJ Somaiya 2017-19

Harshit Bohra